Monday, November 5, 2012


I checked out where my views are coming from, and in the last hour they came from these google searches.

Someone searched "slutty....student" and the search led them to my previous post in which I rant about adult behavior at the football game last week.

Really?  Really?!

After I rallied for you guys, someone ruins it by searching for crap like this?  Shaming a female student by searching for something so degrading? Geez!  How disrespectful!

Come on, kids, get your act together!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love my small town, hate the attitudes.

This past weekend, my little city of Harlingen, TX held the annual football game called The Bird Bowl.
It's called such because both the high schools have birds as mascots.  Harlingen High School (HHS) is represented by a Cardinal, and Harlingen South High School (HSH) is represented by a Hawk. You get the point.

The game is the annual rivalry between both schools. This year marks the 20th annual game. For the hardcore football fans, it's the highlight of the year.   For me, it means less waiting at restaurants and short lines at Target...cause most people are at the stadium.

A photo I took last year on behalf of my own photography business when asked to photograph one night. I give myself permission to use my own photo here :)
This is the 2011 HHS football team before the game began.

I went to Harlingen High as was a proud member of the Cardinal Band. I marched, I jazzed, I was a trombonist. (picture!) So I know a little about school pride when I hear good things happening for the band.  For instance, both the marching bands from the high schools this year advanced to State!  So my pride is swollen right now! 

Anyway, this morning I ran into an article in the paper talking about the sportsmanship (or lack thereof) displayed at the game on Friday by both the HHS and HSH sides of the field. Take a look before you read on here.
Basically, fans were booing the football players, the cheerleaders, the drill teams, and the bands for no particular reason, other than they belonged to the rival team.

I have been the a couple football games since my graduation in 2004, and I have witness the rash and almost violent tempers some of these fans can get into.  But for it to be so bad, an article had to be written and published to chide them on behavior is just downright shameful

I know, I know.  This is Texas. Texas loves football and can it get pretty rowdy, but shaming the rival teams - especially when they still represent the same city you are part of - is just wrong.

Most of the people in the stands have never set foot on a football field before. Nothing wrong with that, but most are simply spectators that take their loyalty too far.  It's one thing to "boo" at an adult referee for making a call you may disagree on, but to boo students - children, even - who are no more than 14-18 years old because you're a dumbass is idiotic! 

Those kids, regardless of the organization they represent, worked hard to entertain you.  They practiced their drills, they practiced their cheers, and dances, and music...and for what? So the city they are growing up in and are expected to respect can disrespect them back by not giving them a chance to shine or to make mistakes?  So they can feel like dirt because they messed up once?  So they can feel like their organization doesn't matter as much as the football players?

Some of these football players are told that this field, this moment, this night is what life is about by their hardcore football parents.  When they mess up, or are made to feel like they mess up, a little part of them is broken. I know guys like this.  Guys that can get past those Friday nights because they were never told life would go on.  They were told that THIS (football) is what mattered.

When a stadium full of people is too busy booing away the rival team, it doesn't show compassion or sportsmanship.  It shows what a mess the fans are for putting so much energy in what should be considered just a game.  It's just a game. Life goes on. There will be more games, and Bird Bowl will happen again next year.  Move on.

At the end of the article I linked up there, it says that the players shook hands and embraced after the game in a display of true sportsmanship.  The players on that field displayed better manners and personality than those on the stands.

I think what upsets me more is that the fans also booed the cheerleaders, drill team members, and the bands.  They are supporting acts during football games and are there to motivate the fans...and instead, they got shut down.

I'm glad to know, however, that both sides of the field congratulated and cheered when it was announced that the bands were advancing to State this week.  GO BAND!

I can say for the first time in a long time that I am ashamed of the city I live in for not supporting the schools and the students out on that field as whole, but for picking sides and doing it in the most awful way.


OMG I'm making a post.  What has it been, 2 months?  damn.

I'm sorry, you guys.  I need to get better at this, I know.

On to the post:

Have you ever held something antique, and felt it kind of take over you?

I was at an antique store with Paul during the city's monthly Market Days and found some vintage photos from someone’s trip to Europe in the 1930s…and there were 5 photos in particular that I did not want to let go of. I felt like I needed to have them, and no one else could have them.

I felt almost a sense of them belonging to me, if that makes any sense.  When other people started looking through the other photos in the box where I had pulled these 5 photos from, I felt like they were looking at MY things, and I wanted them to get away from it.

I kept telling Paul "I don't want to buy them, it feels wrong buying someone else's memories..." and he would tell me to put them back, then. I would respond saying "I can't. No one else can have these."  It freaked him out, I'm sure, cause it freaked me out!

After walking around with them for about 30 minutes, I finally gave them to Paul and told him to please put them back for me, because I knew I wouldn't be able to, and I was actually getting creeped out by the feelings i was having.  When he went to put them away, he had the same feeling…not wanting to let them go. But he put them away.

I took pictures of them on my cell phone, though, so I can share them and have a way of remembering them without having the actual copies.

Later, we were sitting in a cafe across the street from that store, and I felt like I wasn't myself. I was still myself, but like I was missing something. Paul had a strange urge to go to the store and purchase the photos, but I didn't let him.
Anything that calls you back and has no mind of it's own is just a bad sign.

I’ve never felt this before.  Have you?

Hit the cut for photos i took of the photos...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

When you go to college, do this...

This is the second fall term I do not return to school.

I have two college degrees: one in Graphic Arts (received 2008), and another in Interdisciplinary with a focus on Business (received 2011).  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in school!

I liked college.  Whoever said that "high school is the best four years of your life" is full of shit.  High School was okay for me. I was in marching band, jazz band, and Honors band (BAND GEEK!) and made lifelong friends.

Thats' me!  I totally kept the proof. Yes, I played trombone.  :)
From senior year.  My best friend, Jaime, who is gonna be my Man Of Honor at my wedding.  :)

But college was better.

I met more people, I got to know Paul better (yay!), I got super involved, and I learned the value of education.  This education in college was not to be taken for granted since classes were now being paid for...and I learned to appreciate it all.

graduation for my graphic arts degree with my friend Katy.
I couldn't find a photo of my other graduation :( 

I have a niece and a nephew going to college for the first time this fall, and have numerous friends in school now trying to finish up their classes.  I feel compelled to write about the following for any readers heading to college, or already in college but looking to get more out of the experience!

How to Make College Totally Better than High School

1. Be involved.
I cannot stress this one enough.  You don't want to be the kid who sits in the dorm all day and night, or that never leaves their room unless it's class time.
Get out there! Join a club or two (or three, of four...) that you have in interest in.  See if the major you are in had a social club, or see if you school provided interest clubs like a Biking Club, a Photography Club, an Anime Club, etc.  Join the Student Government Association and help make your school a better place.  Play sports.  Be part of a decorating committee.  Be part of a welcoming committee...
...What ever you do, do it because you like it.  It will help you meet people and help you ave fun!

2. Sure..go to a party!
It's a rite of  passage.  Go to a party every now and then and go crazy with a few friends!  After all those classes and studying, it's nice to unwind every now and then.

But seriously, be safe about it.  Carry condoms, don't leave your drinks unattended, don't get so drunk that you don't even know where you are, and don't do drugs. Say no to drugs!
Party's more fun when you remember the party!

3. ...But also study. A lot.
Don't forget that your main reason to be in school is to pass your classes and get ahead in life, not to party.
Hit the books nightly, don't cram before a test.
These classes you're in (or your parents, or financial aid) are paying for them.  They aren't free like in High School anymore!! 
In high school, some teachers let you get away with not turning in work, or giving you make-up assignments and tests.  Not in college!
Pass your classes the first time.  If will look better on your transcripts, and it will keep you from having to pay for that class twice. 

4. Eat crazy food!
If you're living outside of home, chances are you are n a budget and need to be creative when it comes to food.  Experiment with ramen noodles, create new things using Chicken and Waffles (mmm!!), learn to make gourmet meals out of the food you have in your tiny pantry.
This is probably the most fit you will be in your life. Live it up.  :)

5. Exercise.
That being said...always exercise. Most school have a gym you can use, and exercise activities you can join in on like Yoga or aerobics.  Take advantage of these perks!  Most of the time, they are free to use and be part do them and enrich your body while nourishing your mind.

6. Challenge yourself.
Don't play it safe with your classes. Take classes that force you to look at the world differently.
Courses like Sociology, Psychology, Art Appreciation, Ethics, World Religions, Philosophy, and even some English classes like British Lit or Asian Lit will be eye opening.  Step outside your comfort zone and take these for fun!

7. Meet new people.
Make an effort to add people to your Circle of Trust. I'm not saying you should abandon your High School friends - always keep the good ones - but expand your circle to accommodate new people.  New people will bring about new experiences. That's always fun!

8. Read.
Enrich your mind.
Don't read just for school. Read for YOU on your own time.
trust me, it just opens up so much of the world at your fingertips.

9. Unplug.
When out enjoying yourself with friends, enjoying a school activity, or in class...turn off your electronics.  Facebook, twitter, and instagram can all wait.  Immerse yourself in what you are doing and enjoy the moment with all of your attention. It will be remembered better this way. You can always tweet abut your night later when you get home.  :)

10. Whatever you do, do it with dignity.
When I was in High School, our college counselors would tell us that we needed to go to a big school in order to be successful, or that we needed to be doctors, lawyers, or something equally as big in order to be successful.

Let me tell you, those things are not for everyone.

I went to my local community college for my first degree, and went to a school State University for my second.  I'm lucky enough to live 40 minutes from the University, so it was easy.

If you don't go to a big school, but choose a community college or a local college, don't be ashamed of it.  There are some amazing schools that fall in those categories.

Don't feel like you aren't going to amount to anything if you aren't a doctor or a lawyer.  Some people want to be in teaching, or art, or architecture, or construction, etc.  Do what pleases you, and do it with dignity.  Do it because you love it and because you dream it, not because it's someone else's dream.

Remember, this is your life and your future!  :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Call me, maybe.

While on a short drive with my dad, his favorite Spanish station started discussing the song "Call Me, Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.  Never did I know such a perky little song would ignite such controversy!

Here we have two DJs and two opinions. 

The male DJ was saying that the song helped promote promiscuity, the female DJ was saying "you all are whack, it's just a song."

Crazy Obsessed Girlfriend Meme :)

The male DJ then started saying that little girls are sluts now a days, and they shouldn't be encouraged to talk to boys because it increases their slut-ness.  He also said that girls are born sluts...and songs like Call Me Maybe just prove it.  He kept referring to teenage girls as "zorras," which if you click the link, shows that it is a Spanish slang terms for "bitch, hooker, prostitute..." etc.

The male DJ was pissing me off, needless to say.
Who is he to call little girls sluts!

Mr. Racoon, go bit the male DJ!

So then they started taking opinions from callers...perhaps the most idiotic radio callers i have ever heard. 

One of them called to say that she wants Call Me, Maybe OFF THE AIR all over the world because it is making little girls turn into prostitutes.  She claimed that the song was making it seem that girls could just march up to a guy and give out their number so that the boys can call them for sex later. 

Not that the could call them to talk, or go on a date.  Nope. Just sex.

She also said that girls should be taught to not talk to boys until the boy approaches her and only boys should give out numbers or ask for phone numbers.  because girls that take that step first are totally asking to prostitute themselves.  Clearly.

My dad just laughed saying the lady sounded ridiculous.

So then the female DJ piped in and said to the caller and the male DJ that the song does not promote prostitution, that is is just a song.  That parents are the ones who should be responsible enough to teach their kids right from wrong, and teach the kids that songs are just entertainment.  What a sane response!

The male DJ in turn told her "you're out of your mind, this music is bad for kids!"

THEN WHY ARE YOU A DJ, SIR?!  you hate the song, you hate the music industry, get out of it!

Maeby Funke judges you, male DJ.
My thoughts:
This station has no problem playing songs from the male point of view about girls.  Girls with a booty that don't quit, girls and their breasts, girls and their lips, etc.  But there is never any outcry from the DJs or the community about these songs because it is expected for males to want women.
No one will complain about the male songs. Ever.

Call Me, Maybe is about a girl stepping up and saying "hey, i think you're interesting, let's get to know each other" and taking her fate into her own hands.  Girl power, right?!  Don't be the girl waiting in the shadows! No more wallflowers!

In the Mexican community, I know that female empowerment is still a rouge thing. A lot of conservative thoughts, apparently.  As a Mexican-American woman myself who is very much a liberal, I get funny stares and comments when Mexican males learn that I own my own business, or that I pay for myself, etc.

These callers voicing their opinions have this mentality that girls are delicate, slut-born flowers that need to wait to be courted.
To them, it is hard to even fathom a girl making the first move. Any girl who does MUST be a slut in their eyes!

I don't know what it will take to make those people realize that Call Me, Maybe playing on their daughter's iPod will not make them drop their panties for any boy that comes along. 
I would be more worried about their daughter's friends, activities, weekend plans, and what they hear parents saying at home.  Those four things would be the major influential  factors that decide what those girls do. Not the music they listen to.

Unless they listen to Nicki Minaj.  That's a whole other story.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The hardest thing about trying to keep up with a blog is...

...trying to come up with posts and having all these wonderful ideas, then sitting down in front of your computer and not know what to do.

Sorry for the lack of posting, guys.  :(

I need topics! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012


The second week of InstaSunday!


The stray cats that refuge at my house.  :)  They get fed daily.

My Lola asleep on my bed.

GPOY. Finally had a good curly hair day!  The next day, my hair got fuzzy, and I realized that I need a hair cut.

Nail color for the moment. Pink glitter!

Paul and I made s'mores the other night over the stove.  :)

Our Trust Snape stickers from 2007 when we reserved our copies of The Deathly Hallows.  :)

I was watching Olympic Gymnastics on NBC's online live feed and found my crayons. My artistic skills are certainly something to be jealous about.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I know a lot of people participate in InstaFriday, but I find Sunday a better time to show of highlights of my week via Instagram.

I'll do this every Sunday, I think, to make sure I always have at least one thing to post per week.  :)

If you have Instagram, feel free to follow: @alma_dear

My three little loves watching my dad get out of the vehicle :)
My Lola is on the right, and the family dogs Bubbles and Candy.  :)

Lola at Petsmart looking at all the toys I can't afford.

The best lip balm EVER. my lips were dry and hurting for about a week, and 1 day with this stuff made them go back to normal!

Stuck at the train.

My Lola!!

Does anyone else eat their milkshakes with french fries?
Whataburger fires are awesome.

I just love how my engagement ring shimmers in the sunlight. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I just have a lot of feelings right now! A very Potter post.

I saw posted on Tumblr that today marks 5 years since the release of the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Allow me a moment to cry and remember how awesome it felt to finally hold the ending of this amazing series in my hands at approximately 2am (long line!) 5 years ago...

About a year ago while in seated in the movie theater for the screening of the final Potter movie with my friends, we all decided to write in a shared journal what Harry Potter has meant to us.  I've decided to type out the entry I wrote to share with you all.

My amazing friends, Jaime and Jeanne, and fiancee Paul sporting our TOTALLY AWESOME Starkid shirts at the Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere.  

Prepare for a sappy story.

The first time I heard about Harry potter, I scoffed and said "PFFT! WHo is going to read about a boy who can do magic?!"

I wrote it off before giving it a chance. I was 14 or 15 years old...I thought myself as "too old" to like such childish things. (What an idiot i was!)

Then on Thanksgiving Day in 2001, my parents wanted to go watch a movie, and out of curiosity due to reviews, I said "let's see this Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie."

From that day on, I was under Harry's spell.

That weekend, I managed to get my hands on a copy of the first book...and upon finishing got the next two books. The Goblet of Fire was already out by then, but I had to save up my pennies for it since I was expensive!

I became a dedicated fan from that day forth. I read the books over and over, and faithfully saw each movie upon release.  As I got older, I started attending the midnight book and movie releases.  I was - and still am- amazed by how many Harry potter fans there are. This story unites us together. This story makes us family. Whether you are part of Dumbledore's Army or Voldemort's Death Eaters - we are all in this together.

And now, a little over a decade after my introduction to this magical world, it is coming to an end.  But not a true end!

From the books on my shelf, to the DVDs on the rack, and to the tattoos of the Potter book stars in my shoulders, Harry will always be a part of my life. When I have children, they will know Harry's name. 

Above all, Harry Potter taught us many lessons that I know I will carry with me in my life:
          1) Doing what is right over what is easy is always the way to go;
          2) It does not do well to dwell in dreams and forget to live;
          3) Always sort out your priorities;
          4) Never wander into the forbidden forest unless once wishes to die a most painful death;
          5) Love is powerful;
          6) We all have something worth living for;
          7) Magic is real if you believe in it.

No words will ever truly express how much I love this series, or how I fell in love with this fictional world and characters. I think Severus Snape summed it up best when he said to Lilly Potter "it's real for us."

I solemnly swear to carry this story with me for the rest of my life.

When I am old and gray, sitting a chair and reading a tattered copy of HP, someone will ask me "you still read those every summer after all this time?"

And my response?  "Always."

See? that was sap-tastic.  But whatever, I love Harry Potter through and through!

As JK Rowling said, "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home." 
Thank you JK Rowling. Through your brilliant story and your fantastic characters,  you’ve made the world a better place by showing us that love and goodness will always conquer evil.

WEDDING BLOG! Please follow! :)

As mentioned in a previous post, Paul and I decided to make a blog specifically geared toward wedding planning and budgeting.

So if you want to keep up with us and see what we do, follow!!

We're gonna post our ideas, DIY projects (when we get to tehm) and any budget tips we come up with.

Go follow!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Backstreet Boys, OMG! An appreciation post.

I'm going to be 26 in August (oh dear, I'm old), and every time I hear or see the Backstreet Boys, it's like I'm 12 again.

Gosh, these boys were my life in middle school!
Seriously, I love these boys.
I still have all my original CDs from the 90s and purchased all the recent ones - even the ones without Kevin - just to support them. 

My walls were littered with BSB posters when i was a kid. All four walls, behind my door, part of the ceiling (until my mom had me take those down)...everywhere.  I would get issues upon issues of Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, Bop, and whatever other teen magazine just to get the posters and fangirl over them.

This was me fangirling at 12 years old. I'm sure it look very much like this. 

The recent news that Kevin is BACK in the group was just mind blowing to me.  And - omg - they are making a new album together! All on the eve of their 20th anniversary of being a group!  My heart, and the 12 year old girl in me are just overjoyed!

From the Backstreet Boys Instagram (@backstreetboys) account.

(what, you didn't know Kevin was back and that a new album is in the works? READ NOW!)

And now the boys will be getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame! 


What makes me happy is seeing how much love and support BSB gets from their fans. Fans like myself who just love them since puberty, new fans who are just now discovering's amazing.

I saw their Good Morning America interview on July 17 (watch) and to see the news reporters dance and get GIDDY after the boys sing I Want It That Way is just so heart warming.  it shows that once you're a Backstreet Boys fan, you're always a fan!


This will be us one day, guys.  This will be us.

Why did I wait so long to watch Game of Thrones?

Because I'm an idiot, that's why!

About 3 weeks ago, i started watching the series, and finally finished it up yesterday. I loved it.

If you don't know what Game of Thrones is, go watch it. Seriously.  HBO has the episodes on their site, or you can view them elsewhere.  Just watch it.

Back story in case you need it:
Game of Thrones is an American medieval fantasy television series created for HBO. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.  Set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Game of Thrones chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among the kingdom's noble families for control of the Iron Throne; as the series opens, additional threats from the snow and ice covered region north of Westeros and from the eastern continent, Essos, across a narrow sea are simultaneously beginning to rise.  [x]

I've always had a fascination for medieval age fantasy, so the show sucked me in immediately.  Add in two awesome characters to root for, and BAM! I'm hooked!

Arya Stark
 I have an immense love for the characters Arya Stark and Jon Snow.  

Little Arya is a bad ass little girl who does not want to grow up and be princess or queen like her sister, Sansa, does.  She wants to be free to do what she wants and learn to sword fight.  She is just what every little girl should aspire to be: herself.

and Jon...well he is a bit of eye-candy, no?  I love how noble he is to the Stark family. He is a Stark through-and-through. 

Jon Snow

I'm also a member of the I Hate Joffery Fan Club.  This boy is a selfish brat who has no right to the iron throne!

 I hope someone axes his head in Season 3 or I will be sooooo angry!  (I haven't read the books...does he die, or at the very least lose the throne?!)  His evilness just burns me from the inside.  But the fact that he is such a mama's boy amuses me. 

This wasn't much of an informative post. I realize that.  I guess I just needed to publicly announce that I an now a GoT fan.  :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pre-wedding planning and wedding talk.

So I will eventually be making a separate blog for Wedding planning as to not bombard my personal blog with DIY projects and centerpiece ideas. :) 
But for now, I can mention it a couple times on here, right?

Paul and I have been engaged for approximately 2 weeks, and we already have a couple questions that everyone - EVERYONE - likes to bug us with:

  1. "So when is the wedding?"
    Guys it's been 2 weeks. Give us time to enjoy this engagement without stressing over details for a while.  It's gonna be non-stop wedding for a few months when we finally set a date, so SHHH for now!  When it happens, you'll know!

  2. "So, who's taking you're photos? haha!"
    This one has been asked so many times, i can't even count it anymore.  Since Paul and I photograph weddings professionally, people think it's clever and funny to ask us this question.  At first, it was funny...but then it got annoying. 
    People have been asking this one since 2009 when we started photographing in 3 years, it's gotten old! 

    I still get a kick out of the facial expressions people make when they ask this, though.  Kind of like the bad joke eel:

However, I know these questions will soon come to an end once we set a date and find a photographer.  But until then, i think this sums up my feelings on these two questions:

Aside from that, Paul and I have begun preliminary discussions for that big day.  We've devised a guest list - which is longer than we initially thought (206 people. what? why!?) and have talked venues.

We are hoping to do this wedding for under $6,000.  With the inspiration from the lovely Sebrina from this blog who was budgeted at $5,000 and went just a  tad over, we know we can do this for that amount! 
I plan on blogging all about the ways we keep it under budget, hence the separate blog i will  be making soon, to stay motivated and to hopefully motivate others to do the same!

Which brings me to my next topic: dresses!

Paul already knows that I was a blush colored dress.  Blush is essentially a light pink. I find those dresses beautiful!  I was inspired by Reese Witherspoon's pink dress from her recent wedding.

Someone asked me on facebook the other day "why did you tell him the dress color?"
Paul was made aware of the dress color choice just because I wanted to make sure he would be okay with me breaking the white dress tradition.  And yes..he's fine with it.  :)

My mom and his mom on the other hand? I'm not sure.  I haven't brought it up to them yet.  They are both sticklers for tradition, so I'm sure that will be a FUN conversation one of these days.

But even if they hate it...i will still go with it.  It would make me happy to have something so unique.  And besides, i'll be the one wearing it, right?!
I photograph too many weddings with the traditional white ball gowns, and that fantasy for a princess dress is just not there for me anymore.  I want to feel comfortable that day, and just be myself. 

I'm sure this isn't the only wedding post I'll make on my personal blog. 
But i'll try to keep it to a minimum here and make the wedding blog soon! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's the little things...

...that show you are awesomely compatible the Fiancee and I are.

In case you haven't realized from a couple past posts, I love making lists. 

*SPOILER ALERT* this is a lovey-dovey post!

My Top 8 Reasons on Why Paul is Awesome

Paul and I taking advantage of a photobooth at a wedding we photographed. :)

  1. He will kill spiders for me.
    There was a jumping spider on his wall today, which apparently has been hanging out for a couple days, that I totally freaked out on. Because spiders scare the living daylights out of me. 

    After some squealing on my part, he took care of the situation. My hero!

    This wasn't the only time Paul has saved me from spiders!  He has a long track list of getting rid of Wolf Spiders for me. If you all have seen a Wold Spider..those bitches are huge, scary, and possibly death itself.   It's good to know I will always have my spider bodyguard!

  2. I can eat in front of him.
    I don't need to order salads at the Pizzeria. I don't need to tone it down and eat half my meal and claim it's too much. I don't need to skip dessert!  I can eat in front of him and I love it!  Nothing says love like eating a whole large pizza together during a stay-in movie night.

  3. He is Lola's daddy!
    Long time readers now about Lola.  If not, go see her story here!  He is a great dad to Lola! She associates the word "daddy" with Paul, so it's great.

    Paul and I with Lola at the beach :)
  4. He supports me and my dreams.
    You can't ask for more on this one. He has been supporting me since the day I decided i wanted to pursue Photography back in 2009.  Since then, he's given up several weekends to shoot weddings with me, or do portrait sessions. He even invested in a nice camera to help out! He doesn't need to do any of it..but he does.

    Without him, I'm sure my photography business would've never worked out...but it's growing. And I have him to thank for it.  <3

  5. He is as big as a nerd as I am.
    We are nerds. Huge nerds.  Techie and Harry Potter nerds. I love it.  We both have a serious love for fonts and typography.  We love going to tech stores to look at new technology we can't afford and compare them to each other.   it's fun!

  6. He is teaching me how to swim.
    I CAN'T SWIM, Y'ALL!  I never learned how as a child.  But every time we get in a pool, which isn't often, he makes the effort to teach me!  I can doggy paddle now! And I can move forward! It's getting better! 
    I will still use life jackets when in open water though.  Not ready for open water!

    Paul and I out in Lake Austin.  I'm holding on to him for dear life.

  7. He likes that I have an opinion.
    I don't have to shut my mouth and act like nothing bothers me. 
    I'm not confrontational, but I like to speak my mind...and he encourages it. 
    Not many girls I know can say that about their other halves. 

  8. He is like my puzzle piece.
    I've never felt as perfect with anyone as I do with him. I honestly can say that he is like my missing puzzle piece. the way his hands fit with mine, the way our hugs just click, the way his neck and shoulders cradle my head just's a perfect fit.


Moral of this post? Paul is awesomesauce. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An excuse to make a post during this writer's block of mine!

Saw this on Tumblr, thought I'd give it a shot :)

My Life Story in MP3 format.
  1. Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc)
  2. Put it on shuffle
  3. Press play
  4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
  5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
  6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…
Opening Credits :  “Trying To Pull Myself Away” - Glen Hansard from the Once Soundtrack
Waking Up : ”10,000 Promises”  -Backstreet Boys
First Day of School: ”Superman" - Dave Matthews Band
Falling in Love : “Lover Lay Down" - Dave Matthews Band (Perfect shuffle timing!)
Fight Song : ”Always" - Rilo Kiley
Prom : ”The Thrill Is Gone" - B.B. king
Life :  ”You and I" - Ingrid Michaelson
Mental Breakdown : “Between The Cheats" - Amy Winehouse
Driving : ”Free Bird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Flashback : “Come In With the Rain" - Taylor Swift
Getting Back Together:  “I Run To You" - Lady Antebellum
Wedding : “By The Sea" - Sweeney Todd Soundtrack
Birth of Child : “Near To You" - A Fine Frenzy
Final Battle : “It Ends Tonight" - The All-American Rejects
Death Scene : “My Heart Will Go On" - Cover by New Found Glory
Funeral Song: “Don't Leave Me" - Blink-182
End Credits : “L.A. Freeway" - Roger Creager

 Wow...a lot of those actually kind of match up! I was giggling each time I switched to a new song and saw that it fit the moment listed almost perfectly!  And no, I didn't skip any songs.  :)

Anyone else want to do this?  Leave a comment so I can go see your song list!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Boyfriend will hereforth be known as The Fiancee.

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS.  Paul popped the question!

It's only fitting that the first post I make in weeks is something this awesome.

Cue the excitement GIFs:

So, I know a lot of people will be asking "OMG how did he ask you?!" in the next coming days, so read on if you want to know!

Back track to the early part of Wednesday:

We were trying to figure out what to do for July 4th...should we go to the city's Fourth of July celebration event here? Stay in and just make it a movie night? Then Paul suggested maybe we go out to South Padre for dinner, a firework show, and a walk on the beach.

Since we hardly ever go to our lovely beach, I was game.

We got there and went to one of our favorite restaurants, Parrot Eyes. It was so nice out, so we sat outside and enjoyed the sunset. :)

the view from the deck where we sat.
This is the only photo he let me take of him all night.  He's so adorable.
Dinner was filling and yummy.  By the time we were done, there was about 20 minutes to go before the firework show, so Paul suggested we head out to the beach to get an awesome view while the waves came up to our feet.

Only we didn't plan the beach walk too well.  The firework display apparently happens near the beginning of the Island strip, and we went to Beach Access #3 toward the back of the Island.  But that didn't matter, we walked along the side of the shore waiting for the show to start hand-in-hand and talking about anything and everything.

It was so dark and alone!  Very few people were on this part of the beach, mainly due to the darkness. The moon hadn't come up all the way yet and was a deep orange near the horizon and a few stars lighted the sky.   Beautiful night.

We walked and walked and kept checking the time to see how long it would be until 9:15pm for the show to start, and Paul started said "don't worry. just because the fireworks haven't started yet doesn't mean it's not coming." This was his clue.

Then they started. Red, blue, white, green, pink...half of them blocked by resorts, but still visible from our faraway patch of beach.  We hugged, kissed, and just enjoyed each other for the moment.

He started hugging me closer and then whispered "So what do you say?"
I asked him "Say to what?"  I honesty didn't know what he was asking.
He slipped his hand in his pocket and slid the ring on my finger wordlessly.
I was surprised!  "Really?" I managed to ask before I started crying.  He started to laugh saying he didn't think I would cry...haha! 
He thought the girl who cries to Baby commercials and who weeps uncontrollably during America's Got Talent wouldn't cry. Silly Paul.

I think we stayed quiet for a few moments, then he said "So what do you say?"
"yes!" i said while sniffling, a few tears going down my face at this point.

More hugging, more kissing...then Paul, being the silly one that he is, said "so when do we tell Facebook?"


Yea, facebook had to wait until we both had the chance to tell our parents and siblings (which we did!).

I told him I wanted to dance with him on the beach. It was too windy to have been able to hear the phone's music, so we sang.  We sang and danced to Darren Criss's song Not Alone...which is the song we picked months ago as our wedding song (yes, we've talked about marriage before today).
I bet Darren Criss would be so proud to now we love his song that much. 

Sorry, i had to!

Then we walked back to the car in what was possibly the scariest 5 minutes of my life.  Why? Because at night, our beach is infested with Ghost Crabs.

oh gosh, they scare me.  So the whole walk back, I clung to his arm while lighting the path with our cell phone lights.

After arriving at the car without getting attacked by crabs, we headed to the bar and grill down the street to listen to a band play for bit before heading home.  :)

I bet anyone reading this wants to see the ring, right?

The photo I sent to my siblings right away!  and WHOA man hands.  ban angle!


Are we happy? Yes, indeed!  We've been together for a little over 5.5 years, so I'm sure those who were expecting it are just as happy!

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