Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lessons Learned: A Newlywed Reflection*.

*This post is written with the help from the husband.  :)

This month will be 7 months since we took the dive into the marriage pool.  Before getting married, we spent our 7 year relationship living apart for reasons out of our control.  But ever since that wonderful day in October, the husband and I have been under the same roof.

It's been fun, let me start with that!

I can cook for him now (something I never had the pleasure of doing), he can vacuum the floor for me... you know...all that fun stuff.

We also have Lola here with us. :) And she LOVES being here!
Maximum corgi DERP face from Lola!

With this new territory comes the learning process that living together brings out.

So far, all the new things coming up are livable (and in some cases cute!).

The things we came up with off the top of our heads for this post are just the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure.

Things We Have Learned About Each Other 7 Months Into Marriage

I'm a cooking novice.

The first few times I cooked for Paul, I was so nervous that I would mess up that I set off the fire alarm, messed up rice from a box (the shame!) and basically did everything but burn our little kitchen down.

But after a few trials and errors, I have been getting better!  I am experimenting more, using spices like a pro, handling chicken and beef without squirming, and I'm doing pretty good!
(or so he says)

He can eat a whole bag of chips in 1 (or 2) sittings.


I bought a bag of sunchips for myself a few weeks ago and had ONE chip.  ONE. JUST ONE.
The entire bag was gone that evening.

I don't get it.

AND HE DOESN'T GAIN WEIGHT BECAUSE OF IT.  I need to learn his secrets.

I like to sleep in on weekends and non-work days.

I sleep a lot.
When you wake up for work at 5:45am daily, a weekend is a Godsend.
I like to start my weekends at 11am. Any earlier is usually too early!

Paul, on the other hand, wakes up at 7 on weekends and expects me to do the same.
He is crazy.

It took him a few months to realize I wasn't going to wake up early unless I needed to.  I stay up late to edit photos for my photography business, so my sleeping late is justified!

Since we both work for a school district with a nice long summer break, this waking up late thing will happen for a couple months. I can't wait!

Lola knows who the morning person is.

Lola knows I'm not the early riser, so she has adapted to this by waking up Paul instead of me for her morning pee.
She will ignore my side of the bed and just go straight for him.

I taught her well.

We share a restroom. One of us takes their sweet time.

If  you have an apartment with 2 restrooms, then good for you. We have 1. And sometimes, the male half of this marriage takes their time while the female half is dancing in the hallway waiting to pee.

This can't be good for my bladder. Luckily, he asks me now if I need to go before he does to avoid certain, wet, disasters.  Such a gentleman. My hero.

It's been fun so far.  Can't wait for a lifetime more of learning!  :)

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  1. they say you don't really know someone until you live with them.. glad to hear things seem to be going well for you so far :)
    and after sharing 1 bathroom with 5 other girls my senior year of college, i said NEVER AGAIN and haven't lived anywhere with fewer than 1.5 since!


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